Sunday, 14 July 2013

Benefits And Cows Milk Ingredients For Health

Every 100 grams of milk contains 70.5 kilocalories of heat, as much as 3.4 grams protein, 3.7 grams fat, 125 milligrams of calcium, while the percentage of absorption in the body by 98% - 100%.

In the milk contained vitamin B2 and vitamin A, in addition to protein also contained a variety of amino acids that are essential for body growth. Now, Cow milk labeled as food with vitamins complete, as well as "white blood" that helps the human body health.

By consuming at least a glass every day, then you will get many benefits of milk for the body :

* The content of potassiumnya can move the walls of blood vessels so as to keeping it stable. So you away   from high blood pressure and heart disease.
* The content of iodine, zinc and leticin it can drastically improve the efficiency of the brain work.
* Iron, copper and vitamin A in milk has the function to beauty, which can maintain the skin to keep it glowing.
* The content of tyrosine in milk can encourage excitement and hormones make a person sleep more soundly.
* Calcium milk can increase bone strength, prevent bone menuyusut and fractures.
* The content of magnesium in milk can make the heart and nervous system resistant to fatigue.
* The content of zinc in cow's milk can heal wounds quickly.
* The content of vitamin B2 in milk cows can improve visual acuity.

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